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The Power Conference to Advance Women

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Are you feeling stuck?

Do you want a better career?

To be healthier?

This power conference is for women

who simply want more out of life.


The Power Conference to Advance Women is was created for women who want more out of life! We have curated an outstanding group of extraordinarily successful people eager to share how you can become more motivated and take massive action on your own goals.

Ashley Baptiste, CEO Conferences Connect

Ashley Baptiste


Conferences Connect

Carly Fiorina, Former CEO of HP, Carly Fiorina Enterprises

Carly Fiorina

Former CEO, HP

Carly Fiorina Enterprises

Eliza "Ellie" Rvella, Founder & CEO of EllieTalksMoney

Eliza " Ellie" Revella

Founder & CEO


Gus Calabrese, CEO of

Gus Calabrese


Janet Fouts, Founder of Nearly Mindful

Janet Fouts


Nearly Mindful

Maxine Clark,Founder of Build-A-Bear Workshop

Maxine Clark


Build-A-Bear Workshop

Sandi Glandt, Founder and CEO of Sandra Glandt Coaching

Sandi Glandt

Founder & CEO

Sandra Glandt Coaching

Shannon Kaiser, Bestselling Author and Founder of PlayWithTheWorld

Shannon Kaiser

Bestselling Author & Founder


Sherrill Mosee, Founder and CEO of MinkeeBlue

Sherrill Mosee

Founder & CEO


Whitney Ullman, CEO of The City Pulse

Whitney Ullman


The City Pulse

Each of your featured speakers are women who have achieved phenomenal success in their field

and are eager to share with you the lessons they have learned.

There is nothing wrong and everything right

about wanting to be at the top of your game!

Conference Agenda

What Past Attendees Have to Say...

“If you can attend only one women’s conference this year, it needs to be The Power Conference to ADVANCE Women!”

– J.L., Past ADVANCE Attendee

“This has been an enlightening experience. I have learned so much that I can apply in my professional life.”

– K.F., Past ADVANCE Attendee

“Truly inspirational.”

– J.S., Past ADVANCE Attendee

“This was a very inspirational conference. I wish I would have had this experience earlier in my career.”

– T.E., Past ADVANCE Attendee

“I arrived confused and left with the clarity I needed to level up.”

– K.B., Past ADVANCE Attendee

“I loved the quote saying ‘nothing is impossible because I’m possible.’”

– A.M., Past ADVANCE Attendee

“This is such a fantastic conference. Each person brings a wealth of knowledge and empowerment that is very much needed and appreciated.”

– T.M., Past ADVANCE Attendee

"The women there came ready to play their A-games, but they were also so willing to open themselves up to be vulnerable to real growth. It was an incredible experience."

– M.S., Past ADVANCE Attendee

“Thank you for providing this opportunity of finding an amazing group of women leaders who have already planted a seed into my growth and development today.”

– M.Y., Past ADVANCE Attendee

“I enjoyed the conference. It was empowering and intimate.”

– A.K., Past ADVANCE Attendee

“I was not sure what to expect when coming to this conference. My eyes, mind, and focus has really been adjusted in a positive, more self-affirming way. I feel more confident and can’t wait to apply these topics in my future planning.”

– S.T., Past ADVANCE Attendee

“Very inspiring and thought-provoking conversations and presentations.”

– J.B., Past ADVANCE Attendee

“The power of meeting and networking with talented women is always rewarding. Ashley brought a great group together.”

– J.L., Past ADVANCE Attendee

“I felt inspired and honored to be in the company of so many accomplished women leading at all levels in their organizations. Very valuable networking.”

– V.M., Past ADVANCE Attendee

“Outstanding conference.”

– P.B., Past ADVANCE Attendee

“Our group that attended has been raving about it and we’ve recruited others to join in the next one.”

– N.Q., Past ADVANCE Attendee

“Because of the conference, four of us from different companies have started a regularly scheduled call to discuss our various women’s networks and other issues we face.”

– N.Q., Past ADVANCE Attendee

“You will never meet a more inspiring and kind group of women. Loved every minute.”

– N.Q., Past ADVANCE Attendee

Frequently Asked Questions...

Where and when is the conference?

Location: The Power Conference to ADVANCE Women is a virtual even (which means it takes place wherever you are). Login at your desk, home office, phone, wherever is convenient for you. We recommend a space where you can minimize distractions – so you can focus on YOU!


Tuesdays, November 16, 23, 30, & December 14 2021 from 1 - 4 PM EST!

What is included in the registration fee?

Your completed registration provides you the following:

Attendance to 4-session conference

Access to each presentation recording

Access to the private Facebook group (for participants only)

Why should I attend?

We have assembled a group of leaders who will show you how to ADVANCE your career, relationships, finances, and health. They were all once where you are – eager to learn and improve themselves. Join them as they not only share their inspiring stories with you, but show you how to get started toward your success.

How do I get the most value from this event?

In our experience, attendees that participate in every session, ask questions, and connect on the Facebook page, gain the most value from the conference.

How can we become an event sponsor?

Please contact Ashley Baptiste at

Event Sponsors

To Become a Sponsor, Please contact Ashley Baptiste at

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