Invest In You!

The Power Conference to ADVANCE Women is for women who want more out of life! Do you want to ADVANCE your career? Improve your relationships? Avoid burnout? Have a better work/life balance?

We have curated an outstanding group of extraordinarily successful women eager to share how you can become more motivated and get in action on your own goals.

This unique 1-day event connects YOU with the knowledge, network, and resources to transform your life, career, and business in ways you never thought possible.

Join Us at The JW Marriott Turnberry Spa & Resort

Aventura, FL | January 9, 2023 | In Person or Virtual



Retail $1,997



Look What's Included!

  • Virtual Seat to the Conference

  • Interact Live With Others on The Call



  1. The Advance Action Group Coaching Call You Are a Member Immediately
    Weekly Group Coaching Call (RETAIL $1,200)

  2. Private Facebook Group Begins Immediately


Retail $2,997



Look What's Included!

  • Executive Seat to the Conference

  • Breakfast & Lunch

  • Networking Reception

  • Executive Access

  • Swag Bag

  • Headshot Photographer Onsite

  • Giveaways



  1. The Advance Action Group Coaching Call You Are a Member Immediately
    Weekly Group Coaching Call (RETAIL $1,200)

  2. Private Facebook Group Starts Immediately


“2 years ago, I was lost, out of shape, overwhelmed, and disrespected. I felt stuck. I was scared. I needed help. I knew I had to do something, but I had no idea where to start.”

My entire world turned upside down overnight. The uncertainty that had engulfed everyone felt like I had the weight of the world on my shoulders I was so busy trying to make life easier for my spouse and kids, but I wasn’t taking care of myself. I started eating unhealthy foods and drinking more than a moderate amount of wine. Instead of spending quality time with my kids, I was overwhelmed by how I was going to pay rent and put food on the table. I was beating myself up about everything I was doing wrong. This went on for months.

“I woke up every morning not knowing what to do next.

If there’s one thing worse than being overwhelmed, it’s being overwhelmed AND unmotivated.

I’d say to myself, “I’m a smart woman, well-educated, and should be able to handle this. But I felt stuck.

Why am I not doing what I know I need to do? I know I’m capable. I know I can. Why?

I knew I needed a push – I just didn’t know how to find it.

Then I did!

“I found mentors. I found the people living the lives I wanted to have, and learned from them what I needed to get me motivated, inspired, and most importantly, IN ACTION toward my goals and dreams.

I’m so passionate about this, I have brought these amazing women together for a 1-day conference that will help you achieve the success you deserve!

Ashley Baptiste - Founder

The Power Conference to ADVANCE Women

This Event Helps High Achieving Women ADVANCE Their Professional & Personal Goals

Faster and With More Confidence Than On Their Own.

Here is a small sample of What You Will Learn at The ADVANCE Conference

  • 5 Tips To Help You Find More Time In Your Day To Make More Income And Impact. Who Doesn’t Wish They Had More Time In Their Day To Move The Needle Toward Your Big Goals In Life?
  • How to Navigate Your Career like an Entrepreneur to be in control of your professional life. Learn how to treat your job like a business so you can chart a path that’s right for you!
  • Proven systems to have it all – business, family, friends, and self-care. Turn non-stop overwhelmed into your list of accomplishments with this actionable advice.
  • How to truly find balance in your work and life to focus on what’s most important to you, because you are worth it!
  • The Simple Way to Get in Better Shape, increase your productivity, and achieve greater success. They say that without your health, you’ve got nothing. They aren’t kidding. Learn here.
  • How to Measure Your Value. Negotiating your next raise? New job? Promotion? Or the Next contract? This will help you measure, understand, and communicate the value you bring to every situation.

"This is my 2nd conference with Ashley and Gus and they transformed my thinking and desire to move forward in starting Designs & Solutions, LLC"

C.B. Past ADVANCE Attendee ...

“Thank you for providing this opportunity of finding an amazing group of women leaders who have already planted a seed into my growth and development today.”

– M.Y., Past ADVANCE Attendee

Would You Like A ...

  • Healthier Work-Life Balance?
  • Promotion or New Career?
  • Clear Path to Leadership?
  • Bigger Paycheck?
  • Better Control of Your Time?

This Event is For You!

Warren Buffet’s #1 piece of advice for anyone who wants to thrive through this economic winter:

"The best protection against inflation is your own earning power... the best thing to do is invest in yourself.”

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The Power Conference to Advance Women is was created for women who want more out of life! We have curated an outstanding group of extraordinarily successful people eager to share how you can become more motivated and take massive action on your own goals.

Ashley Baptiste, CEO Conferences Connect

Ashley Baptiste


Conferences Connect

Carly Fiorina, Former CEO of HP, Carly Fiorina Enterprises

Carly Fiorina

Former CEO, HP

Carly Fiorina Enterprises

Eliza "Ellie" Rvella, Founder & CEO of EllieTalksMoney

Eliza " Ellie" Revella

Founder & CEO


Gus Calabrese, CEO of

Gus Calabrese


Janet Fouts, Founder of Nearly Mindful

Janet Fouts


Nearly Mindful

Maxine Clark,Founder of Build-A-Bear Workshop

Maxine Clark


Build-A-Bear Workshop

Sandi Glandt, Founder and CEO of Sandra Glandt Coaching

Sandi Glandt

Founder & CEO

Sandra Glandt Coaching

Shannon Kaiser, Bestselling Author and Founder of PlayWithTheWorld

Shannon Kaiser

Bestselling Author & Founder


Sherrill Mosee, Founder and CEO of MinkeeBlue

Sherrill Mosee

Founder & CEO


Whitney Ullman, CEO of The City Pulse

Whitney Ullman


The City Pulse

Each of your featured speakers are women who have achieved phenomenal success in their field

and are eager to share with you the lessons they have learned.

Event Sponsors

To Become a Sponsor, Please contact Ashley Baptiste at

Call 610-325-4830

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The Venue

JW Marriott Miami Turnberry Resort & Spa

Voted South Florida’s No. 1 Resort by Condé Nast Traveler, JW Marriott Miami Turnberry Resort & Spa boasts the ultimate location for conferences and celebrations. Our lush tropical oasis and stunning golf course are an inspiring backdrop to our Conference Center. Elegant and light-filled spaces define our venue center. Ushering in a new era of meeting style and sophistication, we will deliver the luxury you expect, paired JW Marriott’s world-class event services and amenities.

Frequently Asked Questions...

Where and when is the conference?

Location: The Power Conference to ADVANCE Women is a Hybrid Event . You can join us in-person in Miami, Florida or from your home office, phone, wherever is convenient for you.


Monday, Jaunary 9, 2023 Starts at 8AM

What if I am unable to attend all the sessions live?

Don't worry, each session is recorded and you have access to that recording for 1 year after the event.

Why should I attend?

We have assembled a group of leaders who will show you how to ADVANCE your career. Leadership Skills, Communication, and Work/Life Balance are key to career advancement. Your speakers were all once where you are – eager to learn and improve themselves. Join them as they not only share their inspiring stories with you, but show you how to get started toward your success.

What is The ADVANCE Action Group Coaching Program?

Extend your conference experience so that you can revisit the lessons, reconnect with the friends you made, and learn how to put those great ideas into ACTION!

The ADVANCE ACTION Group Coaching Program is a weekly Zoom call to share wins, goals, and actions! It's included with your conference registration!

How do I get the most value from this event?

In our experience, attendees that participate in every session, ask questions, and connect on the Facebook page, gain the most value from the conference. In addition, those who participate in the ADVANCE Action Group Coaching Calls gain even more - a community of supportive women!

How can we become an event sponsor?

Please contact Ashley Baptiste at - 610-325-4830

How can we send a team?

Please contact Ashley Baptiste at - 610-325-4830

Have a team Click Here!

The Power Conference to Advance Women

With over 20+ years of experience, we are seasoned “event architects,” creating virtual and in-person conferences that bring the right people together to learn, share, and grow. Featuring topics that help busy professionals learn "2 years in 2 days", The Power Conference to ADVANCE Women has transformed lives since 2017, with hundreds of women leaders learning from each other in a comfortable and sharing setting. This special 1-day event gives you a ton of value in a short time!

Ashley Baptiste is a connector – she wants you to connect with the people, ideas, and experiences you need to grow your career, your confidence, and your relationships. She uses her experiences in developing virtual and in-person meetings to ensure you have access to what you need to solve a problem, start a solution, and advance yourself, your team, and your organization faster than if you were to go it alone. It’s the basis of “2YearsIn2Days,” and she takes that to heart in every event.

Gus Calabrese is a rock star connector and process expert. He jokes that his schooling as a petroleum engineer prepared him to host big events, though his eye for detail as well as the big picture is what makes him a master at his craft. Gus previously created and managed large events (think: beer festivals, wine tastings, ski trips) and uses his skills to ensure you have a flawless event experience (so you can focus on learning and connecting).

The Power Conference to Advance Women


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